Fostering is the most important part of dog rescue. We do not board our dogs because we want them to all learn to live as indoor, family pets to get them ready for their adoptive homes. The Ray Pack Rescue provides all medical care, preventatives, collars, tags, leashes, and crates if needed. All we ask is that you love this rescued dog like a member of your family and provide food, water, and shelter for our dog until he/she is adopted.  

Before a foster home is approved we read over the application, check references, and do a home visit. If any animals in your home are not current on vaccines and preventatives, or not spayed/neutered, you will not be approved.

We have a certified trainer/behaviorist that can go over the basics of introducing a new dog to your home. The first two weeks are usually a little shaky, but with some guidance from the right foster parents the dog will usually settle right in.

Our foster agreement is almost identical to our adoption agreement because we have the same standards for our foster homes as we do our adoptive homes. Some foster families bond with our dogs and end up wanting to adopt their foster dog, which is great! The only problem is, we then lose the space to foster and may be unable to save a dog due to lack of space. When deciding to foster, it is best to keep in mind that you are rehabilitating this dog and giving a second chance at life! How wonderful would it be to do this for several dogs a year?

If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs, please fill out the form provided in the link below and email it to us. The huskies cannot go to homes with cats.