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The dogs that are in our rescue were taken from less than perfect situations. We pull dogs from animal shelters, but we also take in dogs who have suffered from abuse, neglect, or other forms of animal cruelty. The dogs in our rescue do not have an expiration date with us. We allow them to remain in our care until we are certain they are ready for a forever home. Most of the dogs we rescue are heart worm positive and have to be treated for this terrible illness before they can be adopted out. We have seen the worst cases of heart worms, and if there is one thing we are absolutely adamant about, it's heart worm prevention.  We alter (spay/neuter) every dog as soon as it comes into our rescue. A healthy animal is put to sleep every 11 seconds in the United States. We absolutely refuse to contribute to this epidemic. In addition to heart worm treatment and altering, you can expect that the dog you adopt from us will be fully vaccinated, free of all parasites, trained with basic commands, crate trained, house trained, and microchipped. We do not board our dogs. They all live in foster homes and learn to be part of a family before we adopt them out.  For all these reasons, our adoption fee is $300. We do not give discounts for mixed breeds or older dogs because we believe that every life we have taken responsibility for is just as valuable as the next.

Many of the breeds we specialize in are beautiful, but a lot of work, namely Siberian huskies. Some of our dogs may be escape artists, so we would require a "husky proof" fence, or daily leash walks only. We would be happy to discuss with you how to "husky proof" your fence, if you are interested in adopting one of our houdinis. There are also plenty of huskies who aren't interested in running away, and can be contained in a regular privacy fence. Each case is unique and different in it's own way. Another thing that needs to be considered when adopting a husky is the DOG HAIR. I live in a house with 3 huskies and 1 Australian shepherd, and dog hair is something I have learned to live with. There is not magic brush, pill, food, or vacuum attachment that is going to control the dog hair in your life if you have a husky. We also do not shave our huskies or allow our adopters to shave them. Huskies need their fur to keep them cool, as well as keep them warm. Their coat also protects them from skin diseases, infections, sunburn, and a number of other ailments that are cruel, costly, and even fatal. DO NOT SHAVE YOUR HUSKY. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our fantastic dogs, please click the button below, download the form, fill it out, and email it to us at theraypack@gmail.com